Container Libraries

In 2017, we sent a 40 foot steel shipping container with about 26 and a half tonnes of school books and children’s books to Chipulukusu in Zambia. The books themselves were shared out among many schools in the area around Ndola, but also as far away as Mongu, 812 km to the West and Lusaka, 320 km to the South. We also cut holes in the container to provide windows and doors, and turned the container itself into a library, which is now located in Chipulukusu.

The demand for books was so great that we sent a second container full of books to Zambia in 2018, and again this container was turned into a library, and it was located at George Community.

A third container followed in November 2021, and once all of the books from that container have been distributed, we plan to turn it too, into a library.

Whereas our container libraries were initially run by volunteers, we eventually employed two Zambian teachers, Hakky Mulenga and Kelvin Chinyama to be full-time, professional librarians based in our container libraries. By employing two enthusiastic and resourceful teachers, we dramatically improved the impact of the libraries. Both Hakky and Kelvin had attended several of our previous teacher-training conferences and so they are both well-equipped to make the best of the libraries. You can read some of their reports on the Libraries below. Within a very short space of time they have transformed our container library service and they have introduced many innovations.

Container library in Chipulukusu

Library Reports:

21st May 2022

4th June 2022

12th June 2022

18th June 2022

26th June 2022

2nd July 2022