Habitat for Humanity Work

These reports were issued by Habitat for Humanity in relation to some of the families which whom I worked and some of the projects on which I was working when I was volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I no longer volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, as my independent projects now take all of my time, but these reports will give you an insight into the daily living conditions, the poverty and the deprivation in which many in Zambia have to live. Inspiring as some of these stories may be, there is also a very a description of the harsh conditions in which people struggle to survive and what it really means to be poor in our world.

If you click on the reports below, you will get an insight into what life might be like, to be poor in Zambia. It is these stories which remind us how important it is to try to make a difference.

Elizabeth Kabanbasha Christmas 2012 

Habitat Zambia newsletter Autumn 2012 

Febby Lufungulo home owner story 2013

Kena Katabile home owner story 2013

Report on the Well installed in Kawama 

Jennifer Ngandwe home owner 2016

Failet Bwalya home owner 2016

Some of the families we have helped