Below are reports issued periodically on different aspects of my work in Zambia

Annual personal Reports

These reports are my personal account of what I have been doing in and for Zambia every year. They start back in 2008 when I first volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, and continue through every year as my independent projects expanded and developed into the organisation which we have today, with many projects running in seeking to alleviate poverty and improve literacy and education in Zambia.

Librarian Reports

These are the periodic reports which are issued by our librarians in Zambia, in which they set out the successes and the challenges of running and developing library services in Zambia. We only started employing librarians (as opposed to having volunteer librarians) in 2022, so these reports are all very current – and inspiring.

Zambian Development Support Foundation Reports

These are the reports of our activities from the Zambian perspective, largely written by Emmanuel Phiri, one of our directors and the most active innovator in our small organisation. These reports will give you a real insight into the work which is being done on the ground, and what is being achieved, as well as the realities of trying to make big changes in a very challenging environment.

Habitat For Humanity Work

These reports were issued by Habitat for Humanity in relation to some of the families which whom I worked and some of the projects on which I was working when I was volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. I no longer volunteer with Habitat for Humanity, as my independent projects now take all of my time, but these reports will give you an insight into the daily living conditions, the poverty and the deprivation in which many in Zambia have to live. Inspiring as some of these stories may be, there is also a very a description of the harsh conditions in which people struggle to survive and what it really means to be poor in our world.